Release Date:
Status: Ended
Genres: War, Soap Opera

Capitol is an American soap opera which aired on CBS from March 29, 1982 to March 20, 1987 for 1,270 episodes. As its name suggests, the storyline usually revolves around the political intrigues of people whose lives intertwined in Washington, D.C.

Aired: 3/26/82
All of Washington is abuzz with the big news of the day: Air Force Captain Tyler McCandless, hero of the recent incident in the Persian Gulf, is on his way home! Following his landing at Andrews Air Force Base, a reception, hosted by family friend Senator Mark Denning, will be held in his honor. The next day, TV reporter Sloane Denning confides to her father that she envisions herself as First Lady some day – with either Tyler McCandless or Congressman Trey Clegg as President! Mark is visibly upset at the mention of Trey – the Cleggs defrauded the McCandless family of its wealth and good name! But Sloane decides to meet Trey anyway. Hopefully, she can glean some details about his future political plans. At Potomac University Campus, Wally McCandless is beaten up by two thugs who demand that he pay up the $9000 he owes them – gambling money. Wally manages to escape, and runs into Julie Clegg. He asks her out to dinner, but she refuses. Tyler's coming home today and she must be at the re