Golden Time
Release Date:
Status: Ended
Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama

Banri Tada is a freshman at a Tokyo law school. After an accident, he suffers severe memory loss. Despite the incident, he befriends fellow freshman, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, which leads him to the beautiful, yet obsessive, Kouko Kaga.

Spring Time
Aired: 10/4/13
Banri Tada, a freshman law student at a Tokyo university ended up arriving late for his entrance ceremony. Not knowing how to get to the university, he discreetly followed two other students, and meets Mitsuo Yanagisawa, another freshman, who quickly befriended him. As they made their way to their orientation, they were greeted by a beautiful young woman, who presented Mitsuo with a bouquet of roses and then proceeded to smack him with them before leaving. Mitsuo later explained that the woman was Kouko Kaga, his childhood friend, and arranged fiancé, whom he had run away from as he does not reciprocate her feelings. After orientation, Banri and Mitsuo learn that Kouko was also a student at their university, much to Mitsuo's horror. She became acquainted with Banri during a shared class, and he soon became smitten. After class, Banri met and befriended freshman Chinami Oka and Linda, a second year student and member of the Japanese Festival Culture Research Club. On his way home, he once again runs into Kouko, who used his phone to locate Mitsuo, but upon returning it, he noticed the phone number for a hospital, causing him to remember a time when he was on a bridge and was seemingly run over by a motorbike. (Source: Wikipedia)