MegaMan NT Warrior
Release Date:
Status: Ended
Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation

MegaMan NT Warrior, known in Japan as Rockman.EXE, is an anime and manga series based on Capcom's Mega Man Battle Network video game series, part of the Mega Man franchise. The manga series was written by Ryo Takamisaki and ran in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic between 2001 and 2006. The anime series, produced by Xebec, ran for five seasons on TV Tokyo in Japan between March 2002 and September 2006. Viz Media produced English-language versions of the manga and licensed the first two seasons of the anime. Despite the common ground, the stories of the game, anime, and manga versions of the Battle Network series all diverge heavily from each other.

Aired: 3/3/02
It's the not-too-distant future, a time when internet technology has swept the world into the Network Age! Everyone carries around a portable communications deviced called a ""PET."" Each PET contains a unique personality program, or NetNavi, that freely navigates the CyberWorld. Lan, an enthusiastic 11-year-old, is introduced to his own, custom-build NetNavi, MegaMan. At first, Lan only wants to use MegaMan to play in cyber NetBattles against his friends' NetNavis. But when computer systems all over town begin to burst into flames, Lan and MegaMan team together to fight against a mysterious criminal syndicate that calls itself World Three!