The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) (PG)
The Bridge on the River Kwai
It spans a whole new world of entertainment!
Budget: $3,000,000
Revenue: $27,200,000
Genres:Drama, History, War

The classic story of English POWs in Burma forced to build a bridge to aid the war effort of their Japanese captors. British and American intelligence officers conspire to blow up the structure, but Col. Nicholson , the commander who supervised the bridge's construction, has acquired a sense of pride in his creation and tries to foil their plans.

William Holden
Alec Guinness
Jack Hawkins
Sessue Hayakawa
James Donald
Geoffrey Horne
André Morell
Peter Williams
John Boxer
Percy Herbert
Harold Goodwin
Ann Sears
Keiichirô Katsumoto
David Lean
Jack Hildyard
Sam Spiegel
Michael Wilson
Carl Foreman
Malcolm Arnold
Donald M. Ashton
Pierre Boulle
Stuart Freeborn
John Cox
John W. Mitchell
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