Tsubasa Chronicle
Release Date:
Status: Ended
Genres: Animation, Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Aired: 4/9/05
A mysterious power within Sakura is awaken by the ruins as wings sprout from her back. Sakura beings to fade into the seal but Syaoran saves her. However, the wings break as the feathers scatter to many different worlds. Syaoran carries Sakura, now unconsciouses and her life fading away, out of the ruins to find themselves being attacked by mysterious mechanical warriors. Touya manages to keep them back as Yukito finds that Sakura's heart is no longer in this world. With no other choice, Touya leaves Sakura to Syaoran and Yukito sends the two to another world to seek help from the Dimensional Witch. Now in the world of XXXHolic, Syraoran is joined by Kurogane and Fai as he pleads to Yûko to save Sakura.