Peyton Place
Release Date:
Status: Ended

Peyton Place is an American prime-time soap opera

Aired: 9/15/64
Dr. Michael Rossi arrives by train in the New England village of Peyton Place, Massachusetts. He is met by young Rodney Harrington, whose Aunt Laura was married to Dr. Donald Brooks, Peyton Place's recently deceased GP. Rodney and his girlfriend Betty Anderson drive Rossi to the inn. Later, Rod stops by the office of his father Leslie, who manages the Peyton Mill. Rod discovers his father locked in a passionate embrace with secretary Julie Anderson, Betty's mother. Leslie attempts to explain the situation, but Rodney leaves in silence. Leslie assures Julie he will make his son understand, but she's skeptical. Rod's unwillingness to comment on his sudden aloofness angers Betty. He takes her home then drives wildly into the night, almost hitting virginal Allison MacKenzie. Rod offers Allison a lift home. Her innocence touches him, and he impulsively kisses her. She withdraws, stating flatly that he can tell everyone she's frigid. Rod says she can tell everyone that he's dumb, prompting A