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Status: Ended

Wipeout is an American game show, airing from September 12, 1988 to June 9, 1989, with Peter Tomarken as host. The series was produced by Dames-Fraser Productions and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. Reruns of the series later aired on the USA Network from 1989 to 1991.

Aired: 5/25/94
First round: Separate the fictitious characters from the real people. (The Hot Spot was behind Tom Sawyer, but was lost and reappeared behind Sam Spade.) Second round, first board: Link the pet name with the TV show on which it appeared (I trust I am grammatically safe with the pronoun "it") Second round, second board: Which U.S. cities held Republican or Democratic National Conventions in the past X years? Second round, tie-breaker: Which of these words can be both nouns and verbs? (The winner advanced to the bonus round by correctly guessing "screw.") Bonus round: Peter Tomarken demonstrated how the Bonus Round worked by trying to guess the six posted names who ruled England as King or Queen. The contestant had to run back and forth, trying to determine which of the listed animals are represented in the Chinese calendar.